This kit turns any used plastic bottle into a beautiful indoor farm for your home

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Bottle Stands

The Bottle Stands hold your bottle, either on a flat surface or on a window, wherever you have space. They are made from recycled plastic bottles.

suction cup

Suction Pads

Also made from recycled plastic, the suction pads slot into the Bottle Stands for  growing on a window. 

grow baskets

Grow Baskets

The Grow Baskets sit in the bottle and provide the structure for your plants to grow on. They also give the bottle walls added strength. 

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Grow Pods

The Grow Pods slot into the Grow Basket and provide a place for your seeds to take root. Made from sustainable ground coconut husk, they take up just the right amount of water and nutrients for your plants.

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Plant Fuel

A powder containing all the micro-nutrients plants need for quick and healthy growth. The powder dissolves into the water where the roots are able to access it. No soil, no problem.

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Plant Seeds

The final ingredient. Your Bottle Farm comes with one pack of seeds for your first grow. Choose from a wide range. 

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